Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What I plan to accomplish

The first thing that I am going to be focusing on is getting your 3 month supply of food.  I don't see myself as the "traditional" food storage person.  Although I do believe in having wheat and powdered milk, I do think outside the box and have come up with some plans that EVERYONE will like.  We will start by PLANNING out what we are going to put in our food storage, how it will work, where we will put it, etc.  I think, without a plan, the thought of food storage can be overwhelming and then will lead you to do nothing. This is not OK!!!  So you should come to the classes and/or read the blog and see if what I have to say will light the fire under you to DO IT NOW!!!  I promise this will not be about wheat and the 600 ways to eat it....even though that is very useful and we may talk about wheat in the future....I really do want to help you have a productive and rotatable food storage. I am willing to work with individual families to tailor plans to their needs.  Just ask.  I AM SO EXCITED!!! YAY!

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