Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wet Pack Cannery Help Needed

To all cannery patrons;

     We are canning pears beginning next Monday.  We have 10,000 pounds of pears to process each day.  We currently have 10 people for Monday’s session, 12 people for Tuesday’s session and 11 people for the Thursday night’s session.  The cannery staff and patrons who have signed up won’t be able to process next week unless they get more help.

     So any day that you want to come and help would be great.  Monday and Tuesday sessions begin at 8:00 am and Thursday’s session begins at 6:00 pm.  Each session will be at least 5 hours depending on the number of people available.  The cannery staff NEEDS a minimum of 40 people per session.

     Prices for pears are $1.20 per can and $14.40 per case for anyone interested in purchasing.

    If anyone is interested in helping process the pears, please call (303-371-7650) or email us.   The cannery staff would really like to know ahead of time so they can plan for the day.

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